Peter Obi‘s supporters dragged Sowore when he released his WASSCE results and I laughed and enjoyed every bit of it. I am absolutely not a fan of Peter Obi either; they’re birds of a feather, one is only more popular because he’s not trying to play both sides like his counterpart masquerading like he’s a comrade when he’s just part of the ruling class too, a capitalist thief with equally capitalist ideas who says absolutely nothing different from what the rest are saying.


He’s chasing two rats and losing both ways; either totally be with the masses or be a total capitalist baskad. The people are not stupid enough to not smell a rat. Hunger might have finished the land and people have to sell their souls for some morsels of food and opportunity BUT the people are not stupid!


Peter Obi with his jagbajantis past administration style, his thievery and pseudo-knowledge with his equally no-better VP STILL has so many people who would embarrass themselves on the social media and willfully defend him until bros J cums because he doesn’t really put much effort in hiding who he politically his like Sowore, who tries so damn hard to hide his dictatorial self behind his seemingly genuine radical past.


I honestly wouldn’t waste my time trying to expose and debate on Peter Obi. I think he’s not much of a threat to the masses as much as Sowore. His yansh is already out there for all to see. He doesn’t even have any prospect of winning and IF he wins (not likely), we know what we’re getting into. We will see shege pro max and we’ll be here gnashing our teeth once again, just like we did before and after Buhari. Just rinse and repeat.


The rest of the presidential candidates are also nothing to worry over about the people seeing them for who they are. I mean if you vote Tinubu in, you’ll know Nigeria will finally reach the last stages of fascism; a police state, absolutely no freedom of speech with no regards whatsoever for human rights. The man is already boldly telling us he would remove fuel subsidy and you can protest from today ’til tomorrow, he would show us shege banza. Wàá dè je àgbàdo, orí e á pé! As in corn will start sprouting on your heads.


If I were to worry (and of course I am worried as a citizen of this country), I would worry about Sowore. He’s a centre right whose direction is towards right-wing who, very cunningly I tell you, pretends to be centre left whose direction is towards the radical left, with an equally disgustingly top-down cult-like dictatorial base who mauls you if you say or write anything they don’t like. Peter Obi’s base are like this too but like I’ve already asserted, I am not worried about them at all. Peter Obi is openly a wolf, you must be very stupid and your stupidity induced by genetics, hunger, selfishness and plain survival instinct to not know this. Sowore on the other hand PRETENDS and THAT THAT THAT is the problem! Sowore is a fraud in this respect.


And I’m wondering how on earth the ruling class keeps using the same tactics over and over and they keep winning.


You KNOW who these people are and you keep defending them? Fighting your fellow poor members of the masses for these thieves? Just so you could get some scraps?


Maybe people are empty and there’s nothing to protect anymore. Maybe all hope is gone and the only thing left to defend are immediate gratifications of hunger and survival needs. Maybe the world is so terrible people never aspire for anything past the basic level 1-3 needs on the Maslow scale.


Transcendence needs and self-fulfilment needs and even cognitive needs could go fuck themselves. If you no chop, how you go think about transcendence?


Just fuck, eat, sleep, have some money and take care of your family… And that’s really sad because at the end of the day, you will still be empty and you don’t know why. It’s because these needs are at the lowest levels and the barest minimum of needs in life.


Why do we, as a nation, keep trying the same method over and over and NEVER want to step out of our comfort zones? Why do we foolishly attempt the same method over and over and expect DIFFERENT results? Why do we willfully defend the ruling class, who shows us shege, anytime the election comes around and then barely one year into the administration, we’re regretting our choices? Are we not some intelligent species? 


You keep pointing out the dangerous defects these candidates have and these people would go “and so?” and treat you like the fucking enemy!


And then come back years later saying they regret it and shits and STILL do the same thing all over again? You don’t regret shits, you willingly sell out millions of other people for YOUR own personal selfishness.


An encounter l had with someone shamelessly defending these thieves opened my eyes to how different structures in the society cages every single one of us so much so that during election period, our hands are tied. I used to think top-down controls happen only in cults but I’ve been mistaken. Controls are everywhere in our society and not just top-down but interconnected. I have always shied away from anything cult-like because of the control, I HATE control. You don’t know how much. There’s always someone who has something controlling them through someone and that is why a very free person that can’t be controlled, free from every form of societal construct is feared and can sometimes be taken out.


Let me make an analysis with a Nigerian presidential candidate X.


Deep down in your mind, you know none of these fools are what they are. They are not for the masses. They’re not here to save anything as realistically, it is impossible for one person to lead or save two hundred and eighteen million people. 


On the family front, your rich uncle in London supports candidate X. You hope to get out of this fucked up country too someday and your uncle might help. So instead of canvassing for a better option in Nigeria, you choose yourself and just cast your support on candidate X. Deep down in your mind, you hate X. But it is what it is.


On the educational front, you might need some favours from your lecturers and professors. Somehow, you support candidate X.


On the job front, this one is even straightforward. Your boss loves candidate X or someone who rescued you from the trenches by giving you something informal, say lucrative writing job referrals, supports X, of course common sense would tell you to quickly support X. A lot of people used this hypothesis to justify supporting Tinubu.


You’re in Abuja and living in candidate X’s house and he’s probably the one who helped you secure a job, of course you would throw any prospect of revolutionary “future” away and support X because before that future comes, hunger will finish you.


Even something as seemingly harmless as romance (quite a very harmful construct if you ask me) can be used to control you and your opinions and choices. I have seen many people (interestingly so) try to use romance to scam me, right? Romance is a very dubious adventure through which you can manipulate, control and mess up a person whilst still pretending and claiming you love them. Romance has been the doom of many female activists. To say my straightforwardness has protected me for a very long time is an understatement so it’s very difficult for I to get played, my past experiences have also helped.


So even in the love/romance/marriage front, you can be finished and controlled.


If a man wants to finish you and take your vibrancy away, all he needs is a ring and fiam, you’re automatically placed below him and he becomes your handler.


Recently when students resumed school, a lot of people (who I might say do not genuinely give a fuck about me) suddenly really loved me more than I could possibly love myself and you know, seem to know what I wanted while I didn’t, reached out to me and started worrying me about going back to OAU.


Now I am a very free bird, probably one of the freest women to ever walk this surface of the earth and I can boast that I am free from almost all societal constructs. Almost. Now that isn’t one easy feat but it’s really rewarding. I am fucking happy and my happiness doesn’t come from mundane things like having money, right? Because I perfectly understand how capitalism works and I know how money is just a social construct and I know how to navigate it to an extent. I KNOW that the education system is a fraud, a Ponzi scheme designed to take your money, your youth, your resources while promising you a financially secured future that never comes.


If I went back to OAU, I would have just gone back to one of the prisons designed by humans for humans; I would have just gone under the control of the very controlling and oppressive OAU administration. My wings would be clipped in so many ways. I know for a fact I would not graduate from that school, I know for a fact that by the time they’re done with me, all these hot hot resistance would have been beaten out of my body. I know for a fact that I would be at the mercy of a piece of paper called “certificate” for the rest of my life with I spiralling down into needing a job so the certificate wouldn’t be all for nothing. I can’t even work for anybody, my gawd. And I just had to enter just one of these prison systems and the rest would swallow me up, no cap. For example, I would also be forced to go back to my family for financial support for my education. I would then be forced, perhaps to get married and have children by this same family. And then marriage institution and motherhood will shut me up for good and maybe I miraculously happen to be very stubborn and I’m still somehow fighting back, my kids might be used as a leash and one of them just needs to be kidnapped and even switched off. On and on and very intertwined these things go.


So I either kept quiet and didn’t respond to people who don’t give a fuck about whatever shit I might be going through in my life but just happens to really want me to go to school or I played along and made some profits. I do not regret it.


Look at ALL of the social cages that might tie my hands and make sure I don’t have the gut to write this article and blast anybody and everybody?


Someone who I really admire for his tenacity and steadfastness in the revolutionary spirit recently ranted about he being shut down because of a fucking job.


My gawd, it hit me hard because I fucking understood. I didn’t say anything, I only reacted “care” because I have been there and by then, I had seen how much all these cages constructed by humans for humans come together and gag your mouth.


There’s a bottom line to all of these and that’s SURVIVAL.


Survival is the rule of nature and it’s only the fittest that will survive.


Even nature itself is cruel when it wants to survive. For example, it won’t hesitate to flood you and wipe you out whenever it feels choked by residential areas. You can go fuck yourself elsewhere, it says.


I have naively raved about people being selfish and short-sighted and shits.


I have been angry at why we would choose something short term like a loaf of bread when we could just fight for the whole fucking bakery but hey, I have grown.


I understand.


We need to survive.


We will only have a problem if in the process of you surviving, you want me to pay. I can not pay for your survival. You are the only one responsible for paying for it in every way possible either by shamelessly defending thieves or in any other way. Just do not involve ME. Do not involve other people. It is YOUR price to pay!


I will also fight for my survival the best way I can.


While hopefully, someday, humans see beyond their immediate gratifications and save Nigeria and the whole planet at large.





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