I’m glad that my happiness is not dependent on how one person uses their genitals sha.


I remember those darks days when I would literally lose my mind just on the suspicion or confirmation that someone was “cheating” on me.


Cheating kwa.


Is it MY genital?


How can it be called ‘cheating’ when it’s THEIR bodies and not mine?


The idea of owning people is normalized out of capitalism. Without capitalism existing in your psyche, because you can actually get your head out of the goddamn status quo if you try, you’ll be disgusted as much as I am at the idea of owning and controlling other people.


Your happiness is fickle if it’s dependent on what others do with their genitals, whether you have the illusion of owning them or not.


Your happiness is fickle and can be trampled on anytime if it’s based on that person losing the ability to love other people except you (which is not realistic). 


And that person cannot show you love if they can’t love other people. There are billions of other people in the world against just you.


If they can’t love other people, if they don’t have that ability, how logical is it that they’ll have the ability to love you?


And you think there’s not a teeny weeny bit of resistance or even resentment involved if they can absolutely not love other people just because they’re with you?


Why do you think people generally tend to thrive more with their side pieces much more than the partners they’re dating or married to?


Because there’s less control involved. Because there’s more freedom.


There’s more choice, the choice to stop, the choice to continue, the choice to do just about anything.


And the participants go back to their cages happier and more fulfilled. They’ve tasted relative freedom out there.


A side-chick or side guy could easily arrange a threesome or tensome with your partners but it’s harder for the participants inside marriage or relationship to do that because the illusions of control, fidelity and generally accepted monogamy have to be maintained. The level of fakery and fuckery inside relationships and marriages is disgusting.


Monogamy is definitely not being practised and it’s not sustainable. If we’re to have a lie detector right now to determine whether couples have been 100% faithful with their partners and if you lie, you’ll die on the spot, NONE of you will come out.


For real, side pieces make relationships last longer than anyone would want to admit.



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