Sex is a BASIC need, like food, water and shelter. These things should be FREE.


After that familiar post-coital calm, I told this person no wonder men get mad that they have to pay for something this nice before they can access it.


I mean, I feel really calm and happy right now! 😁


But it’s a capitalist world, and you gotta pay for EVERYTHING man, even sex.


It’s really funny how everyone becomes urgent wannabe socialists when it comes to accessing women’s bodies. I mean you can’t touch food or have access to healthcare and you can practically die from not accessing these things and nobody cares but we all draw the line at women’s bodies? 


It’s also funny how when I’m talking to a man, and he obviously wants to have sex with me, he’d just “casually interject” it into the conversation how he would never pay for sex!


So that I, or any other woman of his interest, would never have the gut to ask for anything in return for the sex.


Talmabout how the woman enjoys the sex too.


Look here boy, this is one of those very few things that women are at an advantage. Sex is VERY cheap to get for women. I do not have to fuck YOU before I get sex. Do you know how many people are in my dm right now?


Many other women can attest to this.


If a woman wants to fuck you, you are NOT doing her a favour.


Men want to fuck women. Women want to fuck women. Every other gender wants to fuck women. There’s a vast option out there so you definitely are not doing me a favour by telling me I enjoyed it too. THAT is IF I enjoyed it because heterosexual sex is generally really boring and egoistic but that’s just by the way.


The option gets wider for my kind of person who doesn’t see partnered sex as a big deal or special. My gawd, I’ve been masturbating since I was eight! I must have orgasmed up to a million times right now, no cap. I can’t even orgasm with a penis. Well, except I’m on top. I do not see heterosexual partnered sex as anything at all.


So if I’m having sex with you, I’m either doing you a favour, enjoying myself or asking to get paid.


YOU are NOT doing me a favour! 


Now with all these options on ground, you don’t get to dictate to me on how I enjoyed it too, or try to exploit me by telling me I shouldn’t expect anything in return.


Sex is transactional, it has ALWAYS been transactional. 


It doesn’t matter whether I want to have a good time with you initially. You start giving that dubious “I don’t pay for sex” bullshit, I won’t fuck you.


I’m leaving!


That’s why, to reduce costs, including the cost for sex, y’all get girlfriends and wives. You don’t pay for sex anymore. Cook, cleaner, baby making machine, and therapist all wrapped into one. Very smart capitalist move.


If you don’t pay for sex in any way as a man, then go and fuck women who would fuck you for free and not ask anything in return. Go and look for them and exploit them and fuck them absolutely for free.


Of course you know that kind of mùmú doesn’t exist anywhere.


Sex is transactional. Even if loyalty is her own price, you must still pay somehow.


You know everything is commodified under capitalism and you SHOULD pay! That’s why you go defensive and say you wouldn’t pay!


Patriarchy in conjunction with capitalism has commodified sex. It should be free of course but is anything free, even in Freetown? I have been to Freetown and I can confirm nothing is free there.


Even your wives and girlfriends who you seemingly get free sex from, you must still pay.


You pay with emotional security, with financial security, with loyalty, with every other thing I don’t have time to mention right now. Even when the woman isn’t fully compensated for all the values she gives you, you still must pay.


You don’t want to have sex with just one person for life, so your wife or girlfriend bores you. Of course, having sex with just one person for life not realistic, so you go out and search for variety. In the process of searching for variety, you don’t want to give anything in return. The woman who asks to be paid becomes a villain, a slut. What are YOU?


You’re an entitled exploiting douchebag.


No one is stopping you from commodifying your bodies too as men. You can decide to start selling. Your mates are busy selling here in Abuja anyway.


So why do you lose your minds when women sell their bodies? 

Even the shediots who call themselves girlfriends and wives also raise their noses in ignorant pride, thinking they’re better than women who sell their bodies.


EVERYTHING is transactional under capitalism and you sell your bodies too! Yours is just institutionalized and you’re fools while at it. Because you get exploited much more and your only rewards are some useless empty sense of morality. Pack your morality and use it to buy popcorn or a bigger crown in heaven when you die.


This reminds me of a quote I read in Nawal El Saadawi‘s books…


” That men force women to sell their bodies at a price, and that the lowest paid body is that of a wife. All women are prostitutes of one kind or another. Because I was intelligent I preferred to be a free prostitute, rather than an enslaved wife.”


(The book is A WOMAN AT POINT ZERO, you should read it. Don’t be empty, your emptiness gives room for the exploitations, or your delusions that you can successfully oppress too under patriarchy, as a woman, like I see a lot of you try to do).


She also wrote that:


“I now knew that all of us were prostitutes who sold themselves at varying prices, and that an expensive prostitute was better than a cheap one.”


Patriarchy has objectified women’s bodies, and capitalism has commodified them.


Women’s bodies are made into some sort of sacred, out of reach ideas. The bodies have been mystified and sex turned into a tool of control rather than for pleasure. While men’s bodies do not have any price attached. Those bodies are free. So free, cheap, valueless.


Women’s worth have reduced and jam-packed to their bodies. The system makes sure it’s mainly through women’s bodies that we can survive. 


Everybody knows this.


That’s why no matter how successful a woman is, it’s still reduced to her body.


She’s shamed for sleeping her way to the top, and nobody shames the men who withhold resources that belong to all of us in the first place, and give them out until women open their legs.

This is the way the patriarchal capitalist society is structured. I obviously do not make the rules. I can’t make these kinds of rules, I’m smarter than that. And kind. And empathetic. And I really feel I’m not supposed to be here, ruled by stupid people and stupid ideologies.


It is true that in a utopian world, sex should be free, as with every other thing.


But while advocating for that nice heaven, people, men, women, every single one of us must survive this hell of a prison that we have subjected ourselves to.


And while at it, if you as a man, thinks it’s not right to pay for sex, in cash, in kind, in any other way possible, you can start campaigning for your bodies to be commodified and given some values.


Otherwise, you can go fuck yourself.


That way, you won’t have to pay.


I cum in peace.




  1. You took me out at “the mumu doesn’t exist anywhere”.

    I don’t understand the faux morality and high horse people who have sex under marriage or dating have. You are being paid for sex however, short-changed.

    All of us be ashawo.

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