Aluta lubricant.


I have NEVER heard this sexist insult in my life. You know where I came across it? I didn’t even see it among afamails. You would expect to see this among Shola’s Twitter circle but no, it was used in a Nigerian socialist circle!


All because the woman in question called out a comrade for being a political sellout, justifiably so.


And the comrade, in turn, called her an aluta lubricant.


I did not see any of these sexist socialists in Nigeria, who are so delusional to think they’re revolutionaries and feel superior in their delusions, condemning this act. They just tried to calm the comrade down and pat him on the head.


This is just one out of the many sexist atrocities these people commit.


This one just happens to stick because that was just outrageous and I never forgot and I genuinely don’t understand how someone could be so rotten enough to even think of that, let alone say it out.


Reading about Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and later, Bell Hooks’ AIN’T I A WOMAN, it would be noticed that every resistance movement understands and hates oppression BUT draws the line when it comes to gender based oppression. Malcolm was especially a misogynistic baskad.


All of the anti-racist movements snickered at and vehemently opposed women’s fights against sexism, while on the other hand vehemently resisting racism. It’s all documented in AIN’T I A WOMAN.


Rosa Luxemburg would later regret not greatly incorporating feminism into her socialist agitations because at the end of the day, she realized the importance of having feminist comrades when the rest of the male comrades turned against her and she did not have any allies. She was a feminist of course, but she realized the importance of intersectionality so late.


Pan-Africanism wants Africa’s liberation BUT not for African women. 


Today’s comrades want women’s involvement against resistance to end at being married to comrades and taking care of the kids, supporting the male comrades who would be at the forefront. That should be women’s contributions to resistance movements, the very same blueprint of all those anti-racist black movements way before I was born.


The only resistance leaders who tried to be different and not be sexist jerks were Fred Hampton and Thomas Sankara but if all these so called revolutionaries could permanently erase that part of history, they would. Thomas and Fred being feminists has never been emphasized and I only found out because, well, I love to read. I’d never have found out myself, it’s not in mainstream media.


(Nigerian) socialists want to fight for economic equality while either undermining feminism or outrightly discarding it and allowing/promoting sexism in their movements. Why else do you think there are very few to no women in their midst?


I don’t know who shocks me the more between them and atheists.


I expected better.


Because these two movements require some level of consciousness, empathy and critical thinking skills to understand and participate in.


How come you become selectively dumb when it comes to women’s liberation?


Because if you have as little sense as possible, you would know that there can’t logically be economic and social equality without gender equality.

Or this social equality you fight for is only for men?


Y’all are a bunch of jokers and I’m pettily glad you’re irrelevant in the scheme of things.


Bunch of sexist jokers.

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