Normally, I’m all love and light but I need to get something off my chest.


Yesterday, I watched a movie that showed how conversion therapy ‘works‘. As a demisexual LGBTQIA+ ally, I found this movie very disturbing. I’d like to say a few things and correct a few ideas. And I would sound very angry at some point. Yes, my anger is valid and you’d find out why.


1. The biggest problem I have with this sh_tty process of conversion therapy is that it is usually run by cishet people who have no idea of what it means to be LGB or any sexuality other than straight. All they do is theorise ‘symptoms’ and impose traumatic experiences on young folks. They shut down those with these experiences with the threat of a burning brimstone hell or try to impose their heteronormative positions with a style of authority. It’s so pissing and annoying. And if you do think this sh_t works, tell me why.

I sincerely sympathise with those who have been under such a terrible institution.



2. Why on earth is the LGB community referred to as a sexual minority?

I think we need to answer this question. The majority of the world’s population is straight. If we are all afraid of our species going into extinction because of incessant gayism, that’s an invalid point. And that’s because the total population of these sexual minorities isn’t up to 30% of the total world population. I mean, 70% of the world population is still making babies for crying out loud! Why do people get so triggered about homosexuality like this?!



And let me make this clear, homosexuality can NEVER become the ‘new normal’ (Whatever that means). Heterosexuality is not even the ‘normal’ sexuality. It’s only the major sexuality. It’s just like saying that because the whites are the majority in the world population means that whiteness is normal and every other race is dysfunctional, derivative and subversive. If this cannot be the case in race, it cannot be the same in sexuality. Don’t we all say variety is the spice of life? Oh, pepper and onions don do you, you no want this kain spice.



In this sense, I mean, the homosexual population can never become a majority. Never! Their allies may grow to a majority but the population of those with these sexualities can NEVER take up to 60% of the world’s population. Never, ever!



3. They say you cannot TRULY fall in love with someone of the same gender. But these people have never experimented with it themselves. All they say is “Someone said that someone said that, this is that and that is this.” Oh, shut up, you silly assumption theorist! Be of that sexuality and see what it feels like. Let me see if you’ll hold such an opinion still.


4. “I only hate homosexuality because of the anal sex part. It’s so disgusting. And also, that part was never meant for penetration. I hear many gay people have anal cancer. That’s quite gross you know.”



Number one, straight people also have anal sex. So, scrap that. Straights have always been very adventurous and even before gayism was ‘invented’, anal sex had already been there. Gay people only made it more popular.



Second, why on earth would God locate the male G-spot at a place only reachable from the anus? For goodness sake, who does that? Why can’t it be around the penis, testes or somewhere close up to the anterior genitalia? Is there something you aren’t telling us, God? So, to those saying the anus isn’t meant for penetration, help me explain this. And I hear a lot of people throw around jokes about wearing pampers after having such sex. That joke is based on misinformation. I’m not saying these anal leakages don’t occur (I mean, even vaginal leakages occur too). What I’m saying is that a first well-prepared-for non-violent intercourse would never be injurious to that part of your body.



And do we all know that the rectum is a ring of muscles? They snap back after being expanded. And of course, you should be able to gauge what size would not exceed your elastic limit. Some ladies don’t even like big penises because of the small size of their vaginas. The same applies to gays. And I can’t even believe I’m doing this sex education thing right now!




People, read! I know what it means to be anti-gay. I’ve been there. I know sometimes you wish these individuals the best and even behind the mask of vawulence, you still have love. But you need to know, you need to understand. Without knowledge, we’d all be hating on people because they don’t fit into your stereotypes of what should be or not. Just read, and find materials with balanced opinions. And if you still hate them, f_ you! You have no right to say what people get to do with their genitals AS LONG AS NO ONE IS HURT OR VICTIMISED!



Lemme end on a funny note. Cishets have always accused LGBTQIA+ and their allies of shoving homosexuality down their throat via music (eg. Lil Nas X) and movies. Conspiracy theorists amongst them call it the ‘Homosexual Agenda’ and say that this has accounted for a surge in the amount of openly gay people. Isn’t it only quite pathetic that homosexuals have been watching straight movies and listening to straight artists since forever and they haven’t been turned straight?

Thanks, but no thanks.




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