The police uniform is a symbol of oppression, not only in Nigeria but all over the world. Anybody that has decided to wear any state uniform has taken a side and it is the side of the state, the oppressors.


Their job literally is to suppress you, oppress you, beat you, unjustly arrest you, shut you up, disrupt resistance physically and psychologically, and kill you. The only people that readily get away with murder are those in uniforms; because they’ve been sanctioned by the state to do whatever it takes to ensure compliance to sufferings, fears and oppressions.


There is no “good” police officer. Military men have the excuse of defending you from foreign imperialists sometimes, and a Civil Defence woman can claim that her institution was originated in community security before being hijacked by the state. But police? What do they do? Uphold an unjust law! As long as they’ve taken up that uniform, even if it’s for survival because of unemployment, they are NOT your allies anymore. They have taken a side, and it is not yours.


Any “good” officer will defend the state when push comes to shove. Any officer that has some humanity because he works from the office and not on the field will sanction what those on the field are doing, and will obey if he’s ordered to go to the field and kill. They literally kill you so they can eat, they oppress you for the state. Without these uniforms, the probability that we will be in this current mess is very low because there’ll be no guns shooting us at Lekki toll gate, there’ll be no barrier stopping us from invading Aso Rock and demanding to be treated better than dogs in the western world, there will be no fear and helplessness in our subconscious, we wouldn’t be so dead inside and apathetic that something as a woman cooking for hundred hours would be so stimulating when there are very serious issues on ground.


The police is used to oppress others so much so that that Olabisi àgbààyà who’s a Facebook influenza can OPENLY threaten to use them to oppress someone she considered small and couldn’t do anything in return. Now that her candidate is in power, just know you’re in soup if you breathe too loudly near her and she doesn’t like it.


The police uniform is a symbol of oppression worldwide; they don’t even need to shoot at you, you see the uniform and you’re subconsciously compliant, scared even.


And so when you see a man slapping a police officer, judging by what the police do and have been doing, you don’t even need any context to justify that slap, IF you are being reasonable and activating your common sense. Ṣeun didn’t even need to tell us the officer was drunk driving and almost killed him and his family (that’s even if it’s not intentional and calculated in the first place) before we celebrate that slap as justified. It is supposed to make you happy as a citizen that has been seeing shege with the police. There’s almost nobody who hasn’t been dealt with by the police before, either directly or indirectly.

That video of Ṣeun Kuti slapping a police officer is NOT assault, it is justice, it is resistance against a symbol of oppression, it is a justified reaction and you, or anybody do not have the right to decide how people react to oppression both individually and collectively. That video should be your motivation to resist too. It should give you courage.


I am a fan of Ṣeun Kuti’s resistance madness (and I mean “madness” loosely), and not of his Pan-Africanism kinda sexism but defending resistance against the police is something any right thinking person would do, irrespective of whatever differences that are on ground. Resistance against oppression is intersectional and resistance against the police should be a unifying force, and this is definitely not a time to start spewing rubbish.


Because Ṣeun didn’t support Peter Obi, an elite and part of the oppressors too, he became a villain, all common sense about that video flew out the window and obidients or whatever they call themselves started calling for his head, asking for Ṣeun to be sentenced for life or even killed.


To be honest, I’m very glad Peter Obi didn’t win. The kind of vengeful cult-like tribalistic base he has is really scary and I can only imagine what would have happened if it wasn’t Buhari that’s currently in government but Peter Obi and Ṣeun did what he did.


Obidients are currently begging oppressors to oppress Ṣeun, to make it a point that they would have done better if they were in power. Make it make sense.


What exactly is the difference between you and the oppressors from which you would have done differently? They say you are bullies, have they not been proved right? This man is paraded with officers openly threatening him and you think that’s okay? And not a reflection of our society and that you’re not safe at all?


Every other presidential contestant openly admits to being shitty. Tinubu said you should protest from today til tomorrow, he will remove fuel subsidy. But Peter Obi would have you believing he’s better than the rest when he’s not, he’s just more sneaky and has a crazy base that a lot of people are afraid to point out who he actually is. Obidients would have you believe whatever they do is for the betterment of the country while tearing everyone else to pieces and being vindictive and devoid of any reason whatsoever.


Tell me who will be the hardest oppressor to resist if not Peter Obi.


This is EXACTLY how Buhari was sold to us and Peter Obi will be Buhari pro max.


Logical political cases were made against Peter Obi, but it’s either Obidients accuse you of being tribalistic (when I’ve never seen anyone use sensational and tribalistic sentimentalism as much as these Obidients because the only retort to whatever political argument you make that Obi is exactly the same with the rest of them is the dogmatic “let him do it too” or “it’s because he’s Igbo and he’s being ostracized), or that you automatically support Tinubu. They’re a horde that never listens or responds to reason. They’d go ad hominem and tear you to pieces. It doesn’t matter whatever he has done, overseeing Azukwu sars, or not giving a hoot about hospitals and schools going on strike or repressing peaceful MASSOB and banning them until they went underground and started terrorising the south-east. It doesn’t matter that Peter Obi looted. Just let him do it too!


Are you mad or something? Suffer no dey tire you? So we should keep shut against any of these oppressors because of your own silly sentiment? We should not expose their …. Their madness? We should just let them get there and then we keep crying?


Wọlé Soyinka literally went to two years jail because he volunteered to be a non-state mediator in Biafra war so that the government could call off the war against the Igbos but today, because he’s not supporting an oppressor like Obi, he’s a villain.


Obasanjo that boasted in his recent letter to Britain about holding the forte during the Biafra war against the Igbos and murdering them senselessly is currently their hero. Sense has always chased you, but you have always been faster, to be honest.


Because Ṣeun didn’t support Peter Obi, you are currently calling for his head, forgetting that Ọlọpa maa ko everybody and it will inevitably reach your side too?


Tinubu has promised to recruit at least 50 million youths into the military, psychopathically capitalising on the low employment rate, do you know what that means?! He’s going to turn your own people against you. He’s going to release so many dogs to hound you. Those are the ones that will hold guns to your head! That’s like 1 officer to 4 or 5 Nigerians. How many seconds would it take to shoot you all?


Obidients keep ostracizing themselves everyday, with no allies or sympathisers. You want to keep using the “oh, we are victims” identity to oppress others. You quickly accuse others of tribalism when you are ACTUALLY the tribalists, tribalism is the basis of your campaign for Peter Obi. You are the ones still being tribalistic at the moment and you just keep shooting yourselves in the legs, in the long run, it will not pay you.


In France, the French are literally counting scores against the police. They beat the police! And slap their goddamn president not once but TWICE!

I particularly love that it’s a woman doing the slapping here 😅

But because of your own vendetta and “we would have been better,” you’re throwing reason through the window, ignoring the truth and going yes yes, crucify him. Common sense is not common.


And I’m very very glad the police chop slap for once.


Ṣeun has done his part. If he mellows, gets broken and his silence is bought, that video will always be there that even the police can be slapped, and beaten and their own guns used against them. That they’re just humans like us empowered by the state and that as long as we identify on whose side they stand, it will be very easy to deal with them.


They deserve it.



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