Humans have a very weird relationship with money and women’s bodies and this is how.


Humans woke up one day, decided to give pieces of papers values and categorized people as “rich” or “poor” based on the amount of these pieces of paper they have. Calling money “pieces of paper” has stripped money of its dignity and value and that’s because money doesn’t inherently have any value. It’s humans giving these papers values. If humans decide, right here right now, that money is valueless, then it IS valueless. 

It is an understatement to say it’s funny how money rules over humans; a mere social construct that’s made powerful by humans themselves now having to bow to its whims.


Money rules humanity, money is our lord and saviour. Money practically makes the world go round. Money is scarily the boss over every human’s affair even in places where you wouldn’t expect money’s power to reach; places like the ‘holy’ religious sector.


There’s even a saying in a Yoruba adage that says something like money being the wheel of evangelism: owó ni kèké ìhìnrere.


Money buys everything and anything and of course money buys happiness to a very large extent as has been proven by scientists and psychologists. Your happiness reaches diminishing returns when you hoard and that’s why you can’t be inherently happy as a billionaire and have to do shits just to feel something. You’re dead inside.


Wars have been orchestrated and fought because of money, humans have murdered one another because of money, betrayals have happened in many forms because of money, jealousy because “that other person has more money”, and contempt for people who don’t have these pieces of paper in abundance and categorized as “poor.” I once witnessed some Facebook local champions dragging one another with who has more money and who is poor and it’s so comical, really.

It doesn’t matter that there are enough resources readily available to sustain humanity, if you do not have these pieces of paper, then you might as well starve to death you poor thing! You might starve to death while some others could burn billions of these papers going to Mars. It’s your fault you don’t have these pieces of paper afterall. You don’t “work hard!” 


Oh, you work hard?

Then you don’t work smart! And that’s why you’re poor you dumbfuck.


Humans go to church and other religious places and pray to have money, when all those resources are there for humanity’s usage.


Humans kill others to have money.


Humans go to school because then, they will be able to work for the rest of their lives and have money. If they don’t have the money, then they will die trying!

Every second of the human life is dedicated towards getting these pieces of paper and it’s so tragically pathetic chasing pieces of paper is what humans waste every second of their lives doing! Nobody stops to smell the roses anymore and just marvel at the beauty of just BEING.


Doctors and nurses can watch a patient die because the patient cannot afford healthcare.


A child could waste away in Sudan because of starvation as a vulture hangs around to tear their body to pieces while some others spend millions of dollars to crash spacecraft into asteroid in planetary defense test, forgetting that the only force currently killing humanity is humanity itself. 


Interchanging “money” with “pieces of paper” might be confusing for people placed in a vacuum and as such haven’t been socially conditioned to think of these “pieces of paper” as “money” because how could ordinary pieces of paper have this much power over humanity?


Why should something as basic as food and water be SOLD?


Healthcare? Education?


Why should knowledge be hoarded and sold? When all of these things are in abundance to sustain every single one of us? How could those who hoard these resources and watch others suffer be praised while the rest of us aspire to be like them? It is really baffling indeed. More baffling is the fact that humanity is absolutely not ready to change something that’s obviously not working.

A ti ya wèrè, no cap.


And the height of this madness can be found in a country called Nigeria where we recently had to buy money with money to spend the money, because the legal tender got dyed bala blu just a bit and somehow, the old Naira notes became “illegal” just because someone says so. What exactly makes it “illegal?”


We’re buying money. We are BUYING money!


W. T. F. !!!


Are we indeed the most intelligent species?



And then there’s the obsession with women’s bodies that exposes how dumb humans could generally be. Humanity has a love-hate-love-hate relationship with the body of anyone that identifies with femininity.


Everyone is obsessed with what women wear, how they wear them, who they have sex with with their own sexual organs, and exactly how their bodies should look like.


Religions are obsessed with women’s bodies on how they should dress, the most brazen culprit being Islam. It’s so terrible that Mahsa Amini had to lose her life before this act of policing, monitoring and being obsessed with women’s bodies would be rightly raged against by the whole world.

Religion practically enshrouds women’s bodies in sexist mystification, accruing their bodies to “temptations.” So you’re scared of the body and at the same time attracted to the body, while all the while, berating yourself for being attracted, blaming the woman for ‘tempting’ you.


Tsk tsk tsk.


That’s the sound before humanity explodes.


Law makers are constantly making laws over women’s bodies.


Transphobia is on the rise because “how dare you decide you want to do stuff to YOUR own body?”


It doesn’t matter if a woman is short, fall, fat, thin, thick, slim, plump and whatever other adjectives you want to use to describe a woman, she will be body-shamed. A woman’s body is loved for sexual pleasures and replenishing the human population, and then hated because the woman’s body is “dirty”, and “sinful” and “gross” and “tempting.”


The woman’s body must be covered at all times and in the same vein, humans secretly hustle to get to see a woman’s nakedness. It is so confusing and unintelligent for a species that can practically make something out of anything.


There are constantly evolving beauty standards in different parts of the world at different periods of time and women have NEVER caught up or measured up. It’s almost like beauty is a rent every woman must pay. Erin McKean disagrees with this idea that women must always fit into the whatever idea of “pretty” just like every other human should but here we are.


Princess Qajar of the Qajar dynasty in Iran, born in 1884, was a symbol of beauty in her time so much so that men whose romantic interests in her got rejected committed suicide. Compared to the current beauty standard, she will NOT be considered a beauty. Princess Qajar was a far cry from someone like Marilyn Monroe. Princess Qajar was short and fat and “ugly” by today’s standards.

Princess Qajar


It also doesn’t matter whatever achievements a woman has in history, everything about the woman is always watered down to her body. The only part highlighted by history is the part where Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe were sexy. We almost do not know pretty much other things about them.


And of course, there are forced birthers who erroneously and dubiously call themselves “pro-life” and control women’s bodies whilst pretending to care about the unborn. It doesn’t matter that billions of children get killed in wars or starve to death because they do not have some pieces of paper to buy food, they only seem to care when women do not want to give birth. They care about ‘humanity’ only when it affords them the right to control women’s bodies. The children being born into a cold cruel world that asks them to go fuck themselves because they don’t have valuable pieces of paper do not find this funny or altruistic.


Instead of making the world better for all of us, everybody treats the woman’s body like it’s the cause of everything cruel and evil happening to humanity right now. And of course, the sexist Abrahamic religions back this up by saying some woman who ate some fucking apple caused all these sufferings and not the Nigerian government. The recent money scarcity that’s caused so much suffering in Nigeria is DEFINITELY caused by a woman.


Fear women!


Everyone is obsessed with regulating the woman’s body. The hatred against women’s bodies is caustic and scalding.


Humanity is amazing, intelligent, cruel, controlling, evil, beautiful and everything in between.


I look at the concept of money and the idea of controlling women’s bodies and I can’t help but shiver at what humanity is capable of doing.


I shiver at what I am capable of doing because I am part of this humanity.


Can we just try to make this place better or at least try to?



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